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FAQ - Dress Packs

What if I don't get all the sizes that I need in a pre-pack?

Each pre-pack has size grouping that is carefully chosen based on years of data compiled by Diana Coffield regarding average group numbers and size ranges. If the dress style chosen does not include all the sizes you need, you should purchase another pre-pack to outfit all your performers. On rare occasions, some specially purchased fabrics are available to make an additional dress or two at retail price. Please contact us directly for expert guidance to make the choice that best suits your needs.

I need 2 more dresses than the pre-packs offer. Can you sell me just 2 dresses?

On rare occasions, some specially purchased fabrics are available to make an additional dress or two at retail price. Please contact us directly for expert guidance to make the choice that best suits your needs.

Do you offer RUSH SHIPPING?

If the style garment you choose is in stock and ready to pull and ship, there is a 4-day (business days, weekends not included) lead time required to process your order. Rush shipping, such as FedEx overnight, second day or 3-day air is NOT included in your pricing and will be charged separately. As soon as the order is processed, packed and weighed, the amount for the shipping will be billed to you for immediate payment by PayPal or credit card before sending your products on their way. Contact us via email for more info.

How do you wash these dresses?

*WARNING: any source of heat from water or air can cause colors to fade, and some fabrics to lose their original form. Please be sure to have only one or two competent individuals to be in charge of laundering your dresses. There will be an instructional video included on the website soon for easy tutoring of the best ways to clean and deodorize. In the meantime, hand washing in a clean bathtub or large front loading washing machine using mild, clear liquid soap with cool water is acceptable. When using front loading machines, place garments in large mesh garment bags with zippers, one dress per bag. DO NOT DRESSES IN DRYER MACHINE. Lay out dresses flat on large, absorbent bath towels and allow to airdry. After garments are completely dry, and need fluffing, they may be put in to dryer machine on COOL AIR ONLY.

Can I customize dresses?

Customization such as add-ons like rhinestone trims and flatback stones are always available and found on the add-on section of the website. If other modification is desired such as adding special effects or ornamentation exclusive to a theme, please contact us immediately to offer expert guidance.

What if I don't see the color I'm looking for?

The color/fabric you are looking for might be available even if you don’t see it listed on our website. It would be necessary for you to contact us directly for assistance with your special request.

What happens if I need alterations?

The specially designed dresses are created for the easiest alterations possible. Special videos are being developed at this time focusing on self-help for alteration needs. These videos will be extremely helpful to the person who will be adjusting your dresses. For special cases, and especially if local sewing assistance is unavailable, we are happy to take your dresses (after first fitting) and altering them to your specific needs at a fair price. You will need to contact us at for more information.

What is the typical shipping time?

If the style and fabric you purchase is in stock, your items will ship in 7-10 days. If the style is not in stock, and fabric is available in house, expect to wait 3-4 weeks to ship date. If the fabric you want is available but not in our possession, we will need to purchase the material(s) and wait for it to arrive before cut and sew; this process typically takes 4-6 weeks before ship date.

FAQ - Sonatas

How do you wash them and how often should the Sonatas be cleaned?

Sonatas can take quite a “beating” and can easily last a few years if cared for properly, especially by keeping them clean. Please consider washing as often as you would any other undergarment worn for performing, like after each competition weekend/ performance. There is a video to follow for washing instructions included on the Sonata page.

Do you offer exchanges for Sonata sizes?

If after you receive your order, and it comes to your attention that a particular student or two regret the size they had chosen because of weight loss/gain or perhaps is experiencing discomfort while wearing the Sonata, exchanges are possible based on the following conditions: the foundation garment cannot be soiled, torn, show signs of wear, or odor. If the Sonata(s) desired to be exchanged meet this criteria, and if you are willing to pay for the shipping to send the exchanged items back to you, then we are happy to help you with this situation. Please contact us at to process that exchange.

Do you offer RUSH SHIPPING?

Yes, we offer Ground and Express options for our Sonatas using FedEx. Option available at checkout.

What is typical shipping time?

We usually stock a generous inventory of Sonatas ready to ship within 48 hours/ 2 business days. If for some reason you have chosen a size/quantity not available, you will be notified immediately with a ship date for that/those item(s).

How do I know what size each performer wears?

We offer a Sonata Sizer Set in our Shop that can be ordered to size all your performers! Full instructions are available with the sizer set, which needs to be returned within 5 days of receiving to receive the full refund. Also a video will soon be posted on the Sonata page of this website to make the experience as successful as possible. The sizer set includes one of each size Sonata from 2XS-6XL.